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Attend NYC PTA Expo

The 3nd Annual NYC PTA Expo will be on Saturday, October 1st!  It will be bigger and better than ever.  Join us for a fun and informative day of great products, services, information, and networking exclusively for New York City PA/PTAs.







$15 online after, $20 at door.  Last year, representives  +170 SCHOOLS attended NYC PTA Expo 2015!


LIMITED GIFT BAGS for the 1st 100 attending schools.  Get your tickets and arrive early!   

Who should attend NYC PTA Expo?

PA and PTA members, new and experienced.  Learn about different fundraising products and services, attend informative workshops, and meet other PA/PTA members from all over New York City.  Get inspired for your upcoming school year.  


  • NYC PTA Expo will bring together a broad range of companies and service providers that offer resources to PTAs and PAs.

  • NYC PTA Expo offers a supportive networking and informational experience for exhibitors and PTA/PA leaders, alike

  • NYC PTA Expo allows our neighborhood PTAs to share new information, products and projects with each other so that everyone may benefit.

  • NYC PTA Expo offers informative workshops by education specialists, companies, and past PTA leaders

  • NYC PTA Expo offers PA/PTA members a unique one-day opportunity to scale the learning curve as quickly as possible.

  • Sign up today as spaces are limited!



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